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Welcome to Joyful Gifts by Julie! Under construction. Thanks for understanding.

Hello Family and Friends!

Welcome to Joyful Gifts by Julie Changing Seasons! My new blog and business venture! I’m so happy you’re here and hoping you will join me in a new interactive blog through this site and my Facebook page.

Over the last few years I have been working at home either telemarketing or in direct sales with Avon and La Bella Baskets. In being home over the last few years I have found many blogs and have loved reading them, but felt I was not able to interact with them like I wanted too. However, I have also found the internet is a great way to communicate and in doing so I’ve come to this new blog and business venture. We will be discussing the changing of seasons in our lives from weddings to new babies in the family to middle age to retirement, life lost and everything in between. I would love for you to share with me your thoughts, inspirations, spirituality, pictures, videos and lives.

I have direct sales company called La Bella Baskets. Through La Bella Baskets I have met many wonderful women and men. And have found the internet a great way to meet many different people through business. La Bella Baskets sells gift baskets, wine baskets, cookie bouquets and candles. Our gifts are for any and all occasions from new babies to weddings to congratulations and thank you’s, all the holiday’s, the changing seasons and everything in between. On this new page I would also love to talk with you about how the gifts we give and receive throughout our lives, from the special people in our lives, have changed our outlook on life, love and spirituality.

Hopefully you will comment here and share your pictures with me on Facebook. I would love to feature your blogs on my page, and in return if you like my blogs, to share them on your page too. I’m hoping to connect and meet a lot more online friends and I would love to eventually meet many of you in person.

Please read my first blog, Mother’s Day. It’s about the beginning of a new relationship with life and how it all comes full circle.

My hope is we will all get to know each other better, bounce ideas off each other and help each other out in our spiritual, personal and business lives.

Take Care and Keep in Touch, Julie =)  

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