JewelScent by Jody Tyson Review & Giveaway!

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JewelScent is a company that was co-founded by Sara Nguyen. She had a degree from UCLA and later married into a family that manufactured jewelry. She started helping with the family business and then wanted to start a family. She had two small children, but wanted to contribute to the family income as well.

Sara and a friend both had a love for things that had wonderful scents and they combined the love of jewelry and scents together. Then in 2013 they co-founded the company JewelScent.

I met Jody Tyson on Facebook and she told me she worked for JewelScent. Jody told me that she joined Jewelscent because she loves candles. She thought well, I burn them anyway, why not get a pretty ring too?! She tried a couple other similar companies, but kept coming back to Jewelscent as their candles just smell better.

I was very interested and it was right around Christmas time, so I decided to treat myself to a couple of products from Jody’s store. I purchased the Rose Petals wax tarts to melt in my diffuser. I also purchased the Vanilla Sugar Moroccan Argan Oil Hand Soap. I thought how could you go wrong with Rose Petals and Vanilla Sugar scents. Plus there is jewelry in the candles, tarts and soaps and I couldn’t be more excited to try them out.

To visit Jody’s Store please click this link–> JewelScent by Jody Tyson!

jewelscent wax soap

The jewelry in the products can range anywhere from $10 up to $7500. It was so fun wondering what I would get. I had to try the wax tarts first. They come in small squares and you place them in a diffuser to melt and wait to see if your piece of jewelry is in that piece of wax. I had burned a couple of the tarts and no jewelry. The Rose Petal scent filled our house full of the flowery scent and I loved it. Then I picked another square and I could see the foil shining in the wax as it melted. I knew it was there! I pulled out the foil and unwrapped the ring. It was a clear diamond like looking ring and it had a beautiful shine.

jewelscent ring clear best 2

Each piece has a tag with a number on it and you can go to the JewelScent store to look up the appraised value of your piece of jewelry. My ring was worth $25 and the Rose Petal Tarts cost me $17 so I was ahead of the deal!

Now onto my Vanilla Sugar Moroccan Argan Oil Hand Soap. I wasn’t sure I was going to keep it because I thought my son may want to give it to his girlfriend, so I hung onto it for awhile and the decided I would be selfish and keep it. lol I’m so bad! I opened it up and began washing my hands with it and found that my hands were becoming softer and smoother. I really liked the soap and found myself needlessly washing my hands to get to the ring. It’s kind of like the Tootsie Roll thing where you just can’t wait to get to the center.

I finally made it and there was the ring wrapped in foil. When I unwrapped it I was soo happy because it had a purple hue and looked a bit like an amethyst, which is my son’s birthstone. I was very happy about the ring. I went to Jody’s store and looked up the value from the number on the tag. It was worth $10, but I was still super happy because it looked like my son’s birthstone and it fit me perfect. (You get to pick the size of the ring you want when you make your order). Plus it’s super fun to go through the whole process of getting to your piece of jewelry.

To visit Jody’s Store please click this link–> JewelScent by Jody Tyson!

Jewelscent ring purple best 2

If you have a piece of jewelry that is worth over $100 you will get gold tag instead of the jewelry and you can contact your representative and she can guide you through the steps of getting that special piece of jewelry sent to you from JewelScent.

Joyful Gifts by Julie is featuring a wedding giveaway on my site starting February 15th. Jody is going have a beautiful candle from the new romantic collection of products called The Love Collection. This romantic collection of products have been hand-crafted to represent all facets of affection. Sweet, delicate or passionate, this scent story has the perfect scents to cherish all the people you love. Below is a photo of the candle that you will have a chance to win.

To visit Jody’s Store please click this link–> JewelScent by Jody Tyson!

Jody is featuring this Pink Champagne Signature Collection Candle in a wedding giveaway from February 15th through March 10th.

Please click here for this giveaway–>
Please check here for other current giveaways–>

Here is a photo of the candle that you will have a chance to win.

jewelscent champagne candle


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20 thoughts on “JewelScent by Jody Tyson Review & Giveaway!

  1. Dee Lafrenz says:

    I love the idea of jewelry in candles. I especially love soy candles scents last so much longer. Hubby came home one day and asked what was cooking, he said it smells so good, it was a soy candle.

  2. I love the idea of candles with jewelry in them. I have entered several giveaways for them.

  3. Sonal says:

    This is so cool! I would love to check it out and fingers crossed I will find something absolutely awesome inside!!!!

  4. Helen Kempster says:

    I was liking the pink champagne also, so different! I love the idea of jewelery inside 🙂

  5. Sandra Watts says:

    Pink Champagne sounds lovely. I haven’t tried Jewel Scent yet. I like the different variety of scents they offer though.

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