Origami Owl by Anna DePalma Review & Giveaway!

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Origami Owl is a unique company with one of a kind jewelry. They have wonderful “living lockets” and charms for you to design your own special pieces of jewelry. Works of art that mean something very special to you or the loved one you are giving them too.

I had a little chat with Anna DePalma as I wanted to find out about Origami Owl and why she chose to work with a company that had such meaning behind every piece of jewelry. Anna had a lot of good things to say about how she feels about the jewelry and her company. 

Here is what Anna had to say!

I always dreamed of being my own boss and finally found the perfect opportunity to make my dream a reality with Origami Owl. I work for a company that I’m truly passionate about and get to help others tell their personal story through jewelry. Plus, I work with an amazing community of women who truly want to be a force for good and help others achieve their own dreams. Thanks to the incredible support of everyone at Origami Owl, I’ve had an incredible journey filled with amazing leadership and training to help me run my own business.

Origami Owl now has more than 60,000 Independent Designers across the country. The best part is they too get to pursue their very own dreams by selling our jewelry at home parties we call Jewelry Bars.

Even though Origami Owl has seen incredible success in these few short years, it has always been more than just selling jewelry. As a company we are deeply committed to being a force for good and making a difference in the lives of others. We strive to help others achieve their dreams, just like I achieved mine.

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OUR MISSION IS TO be a force for good; to love, inspire!

+ motivate people of all ages to reach their dreams.
+ empower them to make a difference in the lives of others.

Origami Owl Core Values

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As a Origami Owl Designer I help people put together lockets that tells something about their life. The lockets that are put together pertain to certain times in someones life. We have charms for these beautiful lockets that tells something about the person. We have charms for weddings, religion, babies, school football teams, military charms and so on. During the year depending on the season or holiday Origami Owl will introduce new charms for customers to add to their lockets. Whats wonderful about the lockets is that you can personalize them for yourself or for someone you will be gifting to. The best part is once you have bought the locket then when holidays, birthdays, anniversaries or any occasion comes up you can by a charm for that special occasion as a gift for that special person.

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My favorite locket is the large silver heart locket. It is shaped like a heart and it holds 7-9 charms. It is very elegant and its a locket everyone notices. When I wear mine I am always asked, where did you get your locket and what a joy for me to tell them the story of my locket.

Besides lockets I also carry chains, ear rings, plates, dangles and so much more. If you go to my website you can see all the beautiful items I have in my store All you have to do is pick your favorite locket, chain, charms and anything else you want to add to your locket and you have a locket that will tell YOUR story!

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If you are so excited about my jewelry and you would love to share it with friends let me know and we can set up a “Jewelry Bar” (party). You can do it out of your home where I come and display my items and your guests can either make and take. Or if I do not have the items we can order them. Of course in order for me to do a party at your home we would have to be in the same area. If you’re not in my area we can schedule an online jewelry bar or a book party for you. When you hold these jewelry bars we offer hostess exclusives which means free jewelry for you. Depending on how much your party ends up closing out with will determine how much free or discounted jewelry you will get. We have new hostess exclusives every few months so its always something new. For the month of January we are giving a hostess exclusive worth $160.00

To see all of the beautiful Origami Owl jewelry please visit


Anna is going to be featured in an upcoming Valentine’s Day Giveaway with The Sophia Stud Earrings with Pave Swarovski Crystals. The winner will have their choice of silver, gold or rose gold tone. Also, pictured here is a set of drops that can be purchased to go along with the studs. Origami Owl has several choices of studs and drops to mix and match to your taste. Anna will also be featured in future giveaways as well.

Anna is featuring the fabulous necklace in the Spring Fashionista Events giveaway from March 12th through March 20th.

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Joyful Gifts by Julie

Here are a few more wonderful pieces of jewelry that you can make with Origami Owl Living Lockets and Charms Jewelry. Your imagination is limitless!

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121 thoughts on “Origami Owl by Anna DePalma Review & Giveaway!

  1. I like the jewelry. I especially like the heart shaped necklace that says daughter .

  2. Helen Kempster says:

    These pieces are so beautiful! My niece Kayla would love the bracelets!

  3. Alberta Gentleman says:

    These are so beautiful. I love these,

  4. Anna DePalma says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments and for your compliments on the lockets. These lockets are a beautiful gift to give to someone special. Mother, daughter, grandmother, aunt, mother in law and on and on. A childhood friend that you have memories with would be a great gift for a birthday or on a special occasion. Each locket is unique. No two people have the same necklace because each one is different. If you are looking for a special gift for a family member or whoever for mothers day this would be the best choice. It will be cherished for ever because it is their story and their life. Mothers day is around the corner and in order to get your locket in time for Mothers Day please order before May 2, 2015 to insure delivery on time. If you have any questions you can either email me mybusiness2013anna@aol.com or go to my website and check out all the great items we carry for your special locket!!! http://www.annascharms.origamiowl.com Thank You!!

  5. Sandra Watts says:

    I absolutely love these necklaces. I would put a charm for each of my children and my grand children.

  6. Dana Morin says:

    These are beautiful! I am so glad I found this! Thanks

  7. Wanda Tracey says:

    Oh my gosh these are so beautiful there are hardly any words to express how lovely it would be to give or receive one of these pieces.There is one for anyone you love and they are such precious reminders of life and love.

  8. cylina williams says:

    These are very pretty, I would love to have some of these!

  9. rebeccabasset says:

    I would love to give something like this for Mother’s Day, I could put in all of us Kid’s Birthstone’s.

    Thanks for the Post, and the Links!

  10. Amber Ludwig says:

    I love my origami owl!! Its beautiful and shiny and makes me feel fabulous when I wear it!! The only issue Ive had is that it tarnishes SUPER easy!! like have to be uber careul about how often its touched and how much moisture its exposed to.

  11. Lisa Coomer Queen says:

    These are very pretty pieces. I’ve always heard great things about Origami Owl. I will have to check them out. Thanks

  12. Sally says:

    These are so beautiful and I love the diversity!!

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