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If you are in direct sales, affiliate marketing, a blogger or anyone who needs advertising for your business I can help you with your advertising needs.

~Julie’s Gift Guide~

This gift guide is generally for direct sales representatives, however anyone that has products to sell are welcome. I will advertise this gift guide several times per week over all of my social media and online advertising venues to help you grow your business.

You can have 2 images of products you would like to sell under any category I have listed. Or if you have a graphic for your business you can use that as well. A graphic the size of a Facebook page cover works the best. Your graphic will be linked to your online store.  I can also design the graphics for you.

There are several different categories listed for different products. If you do not see your category listed, I can add a new one for your business. The current categories are also listed on the menu bar under “Julie’s Gift Guide”.

I will only have 1 rep from each direct sales company at a time on this site. If your company has different product categories you can choose which one you would like to advertise in. Or you can advertise in as many categories as you wish with an extra cost per each category. Once you sign up and pay I will add your company to the site within 72 hours. 

I can also do reviews and giveaways for products you have. The reviews will be my honest and thoughtful opinion of the product you send me. The giveaways will be arranged by me and with the help of other bloggers we can help you grow your social media followers and business. 

The giveaways I arrange for you to be in will vary in prize value depending on the current giveaways going on at the time. Giveaways run throughout the year on an ongoing basis. This is where reps can donate a prize from their company for the giveaway with a $25 to $50 minimum prize depending on the value of the giveaway. The prizes will all be listed on the raffle form along with each reps name and link to their site. Your social media links will be added to the raffle form so that you will get followers and potential customers. 

All ads will be paid for through PayPal before the ad is placed.

Please contact me for prices at Joyful Gifts by Julie

 ~Product Reviews~

Product reviews are great way to promote your website and products. Costs to do a review depend on the product and will be discussed at that time. You or your company must provide the product you wish to be reviewed which I will keep in exchange for the review plus the costs we agree upon. (no samples please)

You will be responsible for the shipping of the product. I will give you and my readers an honest and thoughtful review of your product and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and other social media.

I will post pictures and links back to the sites you choose to have in the review. Please allow at least 2 to 3 weeks after I receive the product for the review to be completed. (This time is optional depending on the product and can be discussed for a different time frame).

Here are some links to reviews I have done.

Direct Sales Reviews and All About Posts:

La Bella Baskets Plantable Greeting Cards Review

Origami Owl by Anna DePalma Review

Chelsea Row by Nicole Review and Giveaway

BeautiControl by Jamie Review and Giveaway

Product Reviews

IdealShape Weight Loss Review 2

Review on MomWebs for Web Hosting Dork

Little Hands Food Pouches Review

Health Master vs Nutri Bullet Reveiw

Instyler vs Perfecter Review


Giveaways are a great way to promote your products, your website and your social media. If you would like a giveaway along with your product review I can arrange to do this for you. When you do a giveaway I will add your social media, such as Facebook (view only), Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Instagram on the giveaway form to help you gain followers. I can also help you with adding people to your email list, get retweets and favorites on Twitter or have people make comments on your website or blog.

(As of November, 2014 Facebook is no longer allowing giveaway forms to add followers to anyone’s social media, however we can ask entrants to view your Facebook page).

Usually a giveaway lasts from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the prize and the agreement we have. You are then responsible for sending the random chosen winner the product. The product, shipping costs and any fees associated with the prize are your responsibility.

The giveaway posts will include pictures and links back to your chosen website. The fee for giveaways with reviews vary depending on the cost of the product to be given away and the amount of work needed.

If you would like a giveaway promoted without a review that is available. The same rules apply as above without the review. The fee for giveaways without reviews vary depending on the cost of the product to be given away.

I can also do flash giveaways where several smaller products are given away over an approximate 1 to 2 week period.

~Virtual Assistant~

Let me help you grow your online presence through reviews, giveaways and social promotion of your website, products and business. This can be on an ongoing basis.

I’ve grown my social media followers by  13,000 in 10 months on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus and I can help you do the same.

~Guest and sponsored posts~

If you have the need for a guest post on your site or blog I can do that as well.

Sponsored Post: You provide the article, which must be unique and approximate 300 to 500 words, I will publish it and give 1-dofollow link and a no-follow link to your website or product. If you would like I can share it on social media.


Currently I have the following advertising space:

Ad banners on the right sidebar/you provide the banner.

Text link ads on the right sidebar.


I have samples in the graphic portfolio->Here

Prices vary depending on what you would like done. I make Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and blog/website headers. As well as Facebook and Twitter size posts/ads and profile pictures.

Please contact me for prices. I do have package prices available.

No adult content is allowed. This is a family friendly blog.

As of August 22, 2015 my Global Alexa rank is 438,430 and my US rank is 80,817. With 571 sites linking in.

My total social media following between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Linkedin is approximately 20,000.

Payments will be made through PayPal and costs discussed upon contact.

Please contact Julie at Joyful Gifts by Julie

Thank You!  Julie Tucker

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