Smart Machines Review

When I showed Trey and his friend Cody the box of Smart Machines they both got big smiles on their faces. Even though they are 17 years old, boys will be boys, they all love toys!

Smart Machines come in a bright, colorful box and Trey and Cody were ready to dig in and put the Tank Robot together. There are several different robots to pick from and they all have a motor and a remote for playing with after it’s been put together.

The Tank Robot has about a medium level of difficultly and it took them a little over a hour to put it together. The only trouble they had was with a slight error in the instruction book. They were getting ready to put the barrel on tank and the instructions went to a different robots instructions. But, they figured it out with not much trouble.

Trey said that it was easy for them, but that it would be a little more challenging for someone under 10 years old or so. When they were done putting it together they played quite awhile with it taking turns with the remote. Of course, Trey being the king of destruction, he made it fall down the stairs or the “cliff” as he said. LOL He was really happy when it didn’t break or come apart in the fall!

There are 2 different styles of Smart Machines you can get, green or blue.

Click here for –>Smart Machines.

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I was given Smart Machines in exchange for this review.

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